Fix My Spouse

Morty and Brenda's marriage was getting stale and needed an intervention...

Cast & Crew

Mickey Hadick (Morty)
Jaime Mullen (Brenda)
Ali Pirich (Ali)
Paul Cleaveland (Paul)
Jeff Hertrich (Commercial Host)
Jeff Giroux (Mr. Henderson)
Jamie Rytlewski (Mrs. Henderson)
Wayne Dibean (Testimonial #1 Husband)
Kathi Dibean (Testimonial #1 Wife)
Mary Hadick (Testimonial #2 Wife)
Steve Hefty (Testimonial #2 Husband)

Dave Fairman - Director, Editor, Producer
Jeff Giroux - First Assistant Director, Producer, Sound Recorder
Mickey Hadick - Screenplay, Producer
Jaime Mullen - Producer
Brendan Trimmer - Production Assistant
Anna Mullen - Production Assistant
Nate Mullen - Production Assistant
Dani Fairman - Catering/Craft Service
Michael Reibsome - Catering/Craft Service

Bonus Content

We made some bonus content! Check out our full Fix My Spouse commercial below, as well as some behind the scenes bloopers from the filming of Fix My Spouse.




Fix My Spouse was screened at the 2016 Capitol City Film Festival in association with its Fortnight Film Contest. It was created over a 2 week period in March, 2016. 

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the filming and creation of this short.